Youth Association For Culture and Development




YOUTH ASSOCIATION FOR CULTURE AND DEVELOPMENT Founded on the Basis of the Royal Dahir 376-58-1, Joumada 1, 1378, November 15, 1958 modified by Royal Dahir 283- 73-1, dated 6, Rabia 1, 1393, April 10 1973. Established in 2013. having a an independant address at : Bloc 1 numéro 63 Agafay Taroudant 83000 Maroc .
YACD is non-political, non-religious nongovernmental and non-profit making organization, which is targeted to empower young people with fewer opportunities, to promote peace, tolerance and solidarity ,through helping young people to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies .
The mission of YACD is to help develop a future where both individuals and communities can reap the benefits of personal commitment and free will. Through volunteering and trainings we seek to link knowledge with needs and to promote a better, more equitable society involving all fields and actors.
In partnership with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) YACD has been organizing series of activities in order to raise awareness worldwide about the importance of intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion; to build a world community of people committed to supporting diversity with real, everyday-life gestures, to combat polarization and stereotypes and to improve understanding and cooperation among people from different cultures by engaging people around the world to do ONE thing in support of cultural diversity and inclusion.




Our programs are designed for Persons:

 Who wants to achieve knowledge and experience about living and sharing
  in an international environment

 Who wants to learn about and act on global issues

 Who wants to investigate personal potential

 Who wants to improve communication skills.

YACD exists to help young people with fewer opportunities its aims and philosophy were defined as follows:

To provide an intercultural learning experience for young people.

To stimulate the social integration and active participation of young

To promote skills, learning and personal development

To support the development of local communities

To encourage new partnership and exchange ideas.


YACD is a world where all young people have the chance to develop their leadership skills

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